Talking about the development process of home appliance glass

As a sub-industry of the glass industry, the field of home appliance glass has developed rapidly with the application of glass in home appliances and the entry of various household appliances and equipment into every household. The market development has experienced continuous development, from small to large. . The product variety of home appliance glass has also developed from a single explosion-proof glass and crystal-coated glass to a diversified structural product. So why is home appliance glass becoming more and more popular?
1. First of all, because home appliance glass has transparent, fresh, bright and shiny visual characteristics and printing technology is widely used in the home appliance glass industry, special patterns and colors can be printed on the glass surface, which is economical and practical, and the color is full, crystal clear and elegant. , Strong layering, extraordinary visual impact, and after the home appliance glass passes through the explosion-proof glass, the compressive strength of the glass is further improved. The corners are not easy to cause harm to human health. Home appliance glass also has good heat resistance, and the acceptable temperature difference is three times that of ordinary glass, and can withstand a temperature difference change of 300°C.
2. Consumers are paying more and more attention to the appearance of household appliances, and the appearance of home appliance glass is becoming more and more popular. In addition to considering the performance of household appliances, consumers are also concerned about the appearance of new products. With the development of decoration, design, process and performance, household appliances are no longer living appliances that stay on their original functional level. Home appliance glass has gradually become a closely related part of home decoration. And glass can show a better appearance effect, glass texture is very good, has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high texture, strong adhesion, and durability, so home appliance glass has become one of the most popular home appliance panel materials, some home appliances People in the industry feel that the application of home appliance glass panels in electrical products has gradually become a popular development trend.
3. The glass panels of home appliances are easy to clean. I believe that everyone often comes into contact with glass in daily life. If the surface of the glass is dirty, just stick a little detergent on the cloth and wipe it clean, and the glass panels of home appliances are always clean. Keep clean as new, crystal clear, and will not be easily scratched or yellowed like plastic panels and metal panels. In terms of use, it is not as easy to clean as glass panels, so home appliance glass panels It is becoming more and more popular in home appliances.
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