How high temperature can fireproof glass withstand?

How high temperature can fireproof glass withstand? Fire can cause devastating damage to any structure. It is important that glass components be constructed to withstand the heat of the fire and control the flame for as long as possible. This is why most fire resistant glass has a much longer design life than ordinary "annealed" or tempered safety glass, as they typically rupture quickly.

However, despite its bright appearance, fireproof glass is not really "glass". On the contrary, it is a special ceramic material that can withstand higher temperatures than most standard types of glass, including tempered glass. It can withstand constant temperatures of up to 1256 degrees Fahrenheit (PyroCeram (r), 1/8 inch thick) or 1470 degrees Fahrenheit (NeoCeram (r), 3/16 inch thick).

Ceramic glass for high-temperature applications

There are three main types of ceramic glass: PyroCeram (r), NeoCeram (r), and SuperCeram (L). These polycrystalline transparent ceramic materials are designed to withstand constant heat that is not easily broken. High temperatures make them ideal for applications that require significant amounts of energy, such as heating or cooling structures.

Tempered glass

A fireproof glass is tempered, which means that it has undergone chemical or heat treatment to improve its strength and change its fracture mode. Tempered glass is not broken into sharp points, but into small circles and rectangles. This makes it safer for people to pass through because it is less likely to enter dangerous sharp edges.

Fireproof glass insulation

In addition to surviving a fire, fireproof glass must also be able to resist thermal radiation and maintain its temperature. This is a key factor in the fire rating of I30, I45, and I60, which tells you how long this material will maintain its non fire side temperature at a safe level.

Generally, tempered glass and ceramic glass are the most commonly used types of fireproof glass. "They are not the only options available, but they are popular because of their versatility and cost effectiveness.". Architects should be aware that certain special glass systems may be more expensive than other types of fireproof glass, so when selecting the type of glass that is suitable for your project, it is important to consider its design goals and budget.