Why LCD TVs Use Screen Cover Glass to Make Screens

LCD televisions, even if not available in every household, are not unknown to everyone. LCD TVs are very power efficient, and they look better, with very clear images and very clear resolution. Why is the viewing effect of LCD TV so good? This is related to its screen structure. The LCD TV uses a video cover glass as the screen, which can maintain the required brightness and clear pattern under any circumstances. Advantages include:



1. Glass products with good protection and environmental protection will have more advantages than ordinary glass.



2. The video screen cover glass has a long service life, and its quality is particularly good, which is not easily broken.



3. It has good light transmission performance and can resist the refraction of light.



4. High cost performance, simple production and processing, capable of mass production.



5. It can prevent glare and is easy to clean.



The use of video cover glass in LCD televisions can not only enhance the quality of televisions, but also provide an excellent experience that looks very clear.